These are Brazil’s best

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Photo: Gustavo Aragão

The champions of the black belt division at the Brazilian National Jiu-Jitsu Championship are being defined this Sunday, and there are who they are thus far:

Roosterweight: Bruno Malfacine (Alliance) beat Felipe Costa by 23 to 0

Light featherweight: Ary Farias (Atos) beats Gabriel Moraes (Pina) by 2 to 0 (reversal)

Featherweight: Bruno Frazatto defeated Leonardo Cascão by 4 to 2

Lightweight:  Leandro Pereira (Cícero Costha) defeated Michael Langhi (Alliance) by a single advantage point

Middleweight: Daniel Garcia (Nova União) defeated Augusto Tio Chico in a riveting match ending 4-2

Medium heavyweight: Serginho Moraes (Alliance) defeated Nivaldo Oliveira (CheckMat) by 2 to 0

Heavyweight: Antônio Cara de Sapato took the title after closing out with Paulo Tarcísio (CheckMat)

Superheavyweight: Ricardo Evangelista defeated Antônio Peinado by referee’s decision following a draw on the scorecards

Ultraheavyweight: Michael Wilson (Peter deBeen) is the champion after semifinalists Big Mac and Bruno Mathias were disqualified for stalling.

Absolute: Léo Nogueira (Alliance) wins after closing out with Sérgio Moraes


Featherweight: Marina Ribeiro (CheckMat) defeated Ana Michelle Tavares (Gracie Humaitá) by 5 to 0

Lightweight: Michelle Nicolini vs. Lauriane Mendes

Absolute: Luiza Monteiro wins after closing out with teammate Michelle Nicolini

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  1. viktor at 10:05 pm

    They got two warnings each for passitivity and on the third warning they both got disqualified even though Mathias had been active and tried some judo throws while his opponent didn´t do anything.
    A miss by the referee if you ask me but…

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