Today is Worlds Blog day

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There’s less than twenty days to go till the Jiu-Jitsu World Championship.

The mother of all gentle art competitions will gather the worlds finest in the Long Beach Pyramid to write another chapter in the glorious book of world championships.

The stage

A book in which is recorded unforgettable moments like the 2004 final between Roger and Jacaré or the 1996 sweep by previously unknown Roleta over superstar Wallid.

Of course, Worlds history is also composed of great champions.

Heroes like Roger Gracie, owner of ten gold medals and three absolute titles as a black belt; or four-time world champion Cobrinha, who in 2007 made it through to the title without so much as an advantage point scored against him; and no one will ever forget the wily Fernando Tererê, with his slick technique, charisma and unmatched cheering section.

From Jornal Gracie to GRACIEMAG to, the Worlds was always paid its due attention on the pages printed by Gracie Publishing.

Graciemag e o Mundial

Last year we debuted a new model of coverage – sleeker, more direct and centralized. The GRACIEMAG at the Worlds Blog came to life – a resounding success in the warm-up for the tournament and, mainly, in its coverage of the excitment in Long Beach.

In 2011 we’re picking up where we left off with renewed exhilaration, following the success of the European Open and Pan Blogs, documenting the days of the competition and reaching 6,000 unique IP hits per day.

Today the Worlds Blog will drop again and feature an exclusive and, pardon the expression, bombastic interview with the greatest competitor in Worlds history right off the bat.

Roger Gracie breaks his silence and takes on controversy in a candid conversation.

The first post of 2011 will set the pace and tone for the Worlds 2011 coverage.

From the first to the last post, we’ll keep the temperature on hot and steep ourselves in toil to bring readers all the ins and outs.

Day by day we’ll be posting interviews with Jiu-Jitsu’s stars, videos, photos and dig up records of the great moments from the Worlds of days past. And, of course, we’ll bring all the breaking news, as well as analysis and the always popular (and contentious) predictions on the male and female finalists in the black belt division.

Unforgettable emotions

So get ready! The Roger interview is already up there for you to read.

After reading it, you can take the chance to sift through the posts and reminisce about the coverage from 2010.

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