A “Ferrari” revved up for Brazilian Nationals and ADCC

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Augusto Ferrari in tryouts final / Photo: X-Combat.com.br

One of the city of São Paulo’s top Jiu-Jitsu exponents, Augusto Ferrari was one of the standouts at the South American ADCC tryouts, winning the 99 kg division.

“It was really great, a fantastic event. The organization really treats athletes the way they should be treated! It was a wonderful, victorious weekend,” he remarks.

“I didn’t train specifically for the tryouts, since by focus was the IBJJF Brazilian Nationals, coming up May 14. So I went out there to compete with no obligation to win, I went in to keep up my regularity in competition, since there are no events of this scale in São Paulo – and I did great!” added the black belt.

There’s still some time to go, as the main ADCC event is in September. But Ferrari has already taken to planning.

“For the grand finale in England I’ll start No-Gi-specific training a few months in advance. I’m going to take it really seriously; I don’t want to let the opportunity of winning this event slip through my fingers.”

And the fighter is keeping a busy agenda:

“First I want to win the Brazilian Nationals next weekend. I’ll compete in the absolute division. Then I’ll travel to Germany and Denmark for some seminars, and perhaps I’ll compete around there too. In June, when I’m back in Brazil, I’ll take up training for the ADCC again and organize my annual event, the 5th Copa Shihan, in Guarulhos (São Paulo). At the end of the year, in November, I’ll put together the 1st Brussels Jiu-Jitsu Open in Brussels, Belgium. It’s been tough to reconcile so many activities with competition training, but through dedication everything is going well!” he says in closing.

There’s still time to sign up for the Brazilian Nationals. The deadline ends this Sunday. Find out more by clicking here.

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