St-Pierre says sorry and talks Anderson Silva

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Photo: Josh Hedges

It would be a stretch to say the fight between Georges St-Pierre and Jake Shields was a great one. Nor can one say the Canadian crowd was much bothered about the businesslike manner in which GSP came about his win. Despite a few boos scattered around the stadium, the welterweight champion’s image remains untarnished in his country, and he an undisputed hero. Overall, the crowd was content as they left the Rogers Centre, where UFC 129 was held this Saturday. That’s what the team in Toronto gathered.

“He came on strong, stronger than I figured he would. I expected to beat him, finishing him on the ground. I apologize to the fans for not finishing before time was up. I know he’s really good, but I could have done better,” said GSP about Shields.

Indeed, his opponent’s aggressive attacks yielded wounds that hampered the run of combat.

“I got hit early on and had trouble seeing, my vision was blurry and I have to go to hospital to get checked on,” he says.

Regarding the question on everyone’s mind, the fight with Anderson Silva:

“I just won this fight and I have a lot to think about in terms of my career. We’ll see what happens. Perhaps there are other ways of doing things,” he said in closing.

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  1. Marty Cone at 2:48 pm

    We all know GSP is an incredible fighter, but why doesn’t anyone mention how he’s also the only guy out there who has the rump to pull off the spandex fight shorts? There really should be a category for the judges to consider regarding style. You see great fighters like BJ and Fedor in the same tight shorts and they look like crap. Dana should make guys apply and be evaluated for the opportunity to dress like that! I hope this doesn’t sound gay, ‘cause I definitely ain’t (I’ve gotten with hot chicks as recently as this morning).

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