Why Shields really can beat GSP

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GSP and Shields staredown / Photo: Josh Hedges

Undefeated in 15 fights, this Saturday night in Toronto, Canada, Jake Shields will enter the greatest challenge of his career: he will challenge Georges Saint-Pierre for the welterweight belt at UFC 129.

To the vast majority – especially because he will be fighting at home –, GSP is the heavy favorite. However, at the other end of the octagon there will be a Shields with all it takes to beat his opponent and silence the 55 thousand fans in Toronto.

A tricky mission, but not impossible.

Check out some of the statements made by the fighter:


“I’m already mentally strong, my thoughts are on going there and taking the belt. I’m really not worried about the mental battle: I think GSP will know what is in store, and I’m really not much of a provoker. It’s not my stile.”


“It (the win over Dan Henderson) helped me a lot with my confidence. I believed in me before, but to go out there and show that I can take down an Olympic-level wrestler who is also a great fighter proved that I can take anyone down, and I intend to do the same with GSP. People say I don’t have what it takes to take him down, but I’m used to people underestimating me.”


“I’ve never been submitted before in a fight and I don’t intend to be. Nothing can’t be done, but it’s highly unlikely. I’ll give my all on the ground and not worry about getting submitted. Of course, I may make a mistake and get caught, but I don’t intend for that to happen.”


“I feel it gives me a great advantage. I’ve probably had as many title fights as he has, I’ve fought five rounds a number of times. Of course the UFC is the biggest show, which makes it a bit different, but overall, I’ve been there before.”


“I want to be remembered as the best that ever lived. I’ve made my name, but I’m not happy yet. I want people in twenty years to look back and remember me.”

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There are 15 comments for this article
  1. Robert at 2:59 pm

    puhhhleeease. LOVE Jake Shields. But to win he’s gonna need something to happen to GSP’s ride on the way to the arena.

  2. Paul at 3:41 pm

    So…….that takes care of the ground game, and I’ve no doubt that his game plan is all about getting it there. It just seems like a tall order to try and eliminate all other aspects of your opponents game when you have such a one sided skill set and your opponent is as well rounded as GSP is. Good luck though. Oh yeah, I’d like to see a fan poll on who they would like to see win. Especially with the Anderson Silva fight in the balance.

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