Minotauro prepares for return

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Minotauro doing ginástica natural with our columnist Álvaro Romano / Photo: personal archives

One of MMA’s all-time greats, Rodrigo Minotauro carries on in recovering from recent operations to his knee and hip. After putting in a great deal of effort in physiotherapy, as he continues to do, Mino has already ventured back to training.

“I started boxing again three weeks ago, and today I had my first wrestling training session. I’m also doing physiotherapy all the time, and I’ve been running for the last three weeks too,” he told GRACIEMAG.com this past Wednesday.

The black belt still isn’t 100% recovered, though, he says. However, his recovery is coming along well.

“Sometimes the pain bothers me a bit, but I’m still in treatment and that’s what’s important. I worked really hard in physiotherapy over the last four months and the results have been great.”

And what about UFC Rio? That’s what a lot of his fans want to know. Mino makes no promises, but fighting in Rio figures in his plans.

“I want a good opponent and to be well prepared. I’m coming back, that’s my objective. I started training just now and I want to be well trained and prepared. I’ve got my hopes up. I’m making an effort to see that it happens,” he says in closing.

How about you, dear reader, want to see him in action in Rio?

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