Bochecha and his battles on Thursday

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Bochecha against Braga Neto. Photo: Luca Atalla.

Tipped by GRACIEMAG as the best non-black belt of 2010, Marcus “Bochecha” Almeida is keeping the same pace now that he’s made it to the highest ranking belt color. At the World Pro this Thursday Bochecha nabbed a spot in yet another final. On Saturday he will face Lucio Lagarto in the over-92 kg decider.

“I’m stoked about having started the competition this way, because getting here was so rough (laughs)! When I checked the lineup I realized every name there was favored to win,” he remarked to

On his opponent in the final, Bochecha knows him well and believes it will be one of those finals to write home about, against the Gracie Barra representative.

“Lagarto is an extremely tough guy who’s been doing great in competition lately. Although it’s the over-92-kg division, he and I are among the lightest in the division, so I feel it will be a lively match,” he predicts.

Now as for the initial battles in Abu Dhabi, Bochecha says it was an arduous path.

“All the matches were tough. The first was against a giant Australian. I can’t remember his name, but the kid is strong! The second was against Braga Neto and, shoot, fighting him is always rough. This one was tied on advantages when to my joy I sunk a straight footlock and finished. The semifinal was against Caião (Alencar), from Natal – a really tough guy. It was tense as well, because I managed to get the win in the final seconds,” he recounts.

“I’m overjoyed! I want to thank God, my parents, and my friends, who always encourage me, and everybody at CheckMat. Thanks, you all!” he said in finishing.

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