Abu Dhabi’s warrior’s roar over the internet

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Braga Neto and Bochecha both let the verbage fly over Facebook.

With the finals of each black belt weight group in place, the Abu Dhabi World Pro’s competitors rushed to the internet to comment on their performances and results.

GRACIEMAG.com compiled the statements made over Facebook and Twitter so you’ll know what the athletes and teachers thought of the first day of the World Pro Cup Gi Jiu-Jitsu competition.

There’s a bit of everything. From a brother willing to bet money on his brother to a lot of folks thanking God for their performances to some of the warriors fessing up to mistakes and promising they’ll be back better than ever.

“I’m certain Rafael will win! I’ll bet the sum of the payout (8,000 dollars) to any comers. I feel he’s the best Jiu-Jitsu fighter (pound-for-pound) in the world. He’s been competing in everything, winning everything and in ever more impressive fashion, making his matches seem easier and easier. Congratulations, Rafa! I’m really happy for Rafael, he’s been training hard and deserves it,” Guilherme Mendes, showing all the confidence he has in his brother, who is in the under-65-kg final.

“I’m in the World Pro final here in Abu Dhabi. No words can express what I’m feeling. I won’t be in the absolute tomorrow. Resting for war on Saturday,” Bruno Bastos, finalist against Rodolfo Vieira in the over-92-kg division.

“Hey there, guys, I’m in my weight division’s final. Thanks for all the support. Tomorrow there’s the absolute,” Lúcio Lagarto, under-92-kg finalist against Marcus Bochecha.

“Thank you, Lord! I won four matches against really tough opponents and I’m in the final! I felt great in the fights and made it past great champions, like Ryan Hall, Ary Fariasa, Gui Mendes, and Ed Ramos. Thanks to all for the confidence in me and the support! The final will be Saturday and once again I’ll give it my all! Thanks for the messages of support and for rooting for me!” Augusto “Tanquinho” Mendes, finalist in the under-65-kg division against Rafael Mendes.

“Was a bumpy road to the World Pro final, but we got there. I thank God and all my friends who are here and who are not here. Thanks, gang! Tomorrow there’ll be more to come!” Marcus “Bochecha” Almeida, over 92-kg finalist against Lucio Lagarto.

“I had three matches and I’m in the under-83 kg final, which takes place Saturday. Tomorrow is the absolute,” Cláudio Calasans Jr., under-83-kg finalist against Vinícius Corrales.

“Thank you God for today. I did my job. I lost 3 to 1 in advantage points to Michael Langhi. The ref messed up and I’m going to get back on my feet and do the absolute tomorrow. Thanks, all of you who were rooting for me,” Rodrigo Caporal.

Rodolfo Vieira (right) was thankful for his win.

“Weight group final. Thank you, God. Tomorrow’s the absolute!” Rodolfo Vieira, under-92-kg finalist against Bruno Bastos.

“Hey, gang! I started out really well in the competition getting tapouts in my first two matches, but I made a mistake and ended up losing in the quarterfinals by an advantage. I’m going to work on my mistakes and be back even better next competition. Thank you, God and everyone,” Bruno Frazatto.

“Hey, gang! Didn’t happen this time. I ended up using a different strategy and ended up losing! I took third in my weight group and tomorrow I’ll be back for the absolute. God willing, everything will work out! Thank God for the opportunity to do what I love!” Davi Ramos.

“I had a bad showing. I tapped in my second match, but tomorrow I’m going to try for the absolute!” Antônio Braga Neto.

“Bad day for Alliance in Abu Dhabi, for the first time in many years we aren’t in any black belt finals,” Fabio Gurgel.

Stay tuned to GRACIEMAG.com for complete coverage of the World Pro Cup, direct from Abu Dhabi.

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