The party’s starting in Abu Dhabi: find out who’s in the No-Gi tourney

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Bochecha is in the No-Gi event. Photo: K Jewel (publicity).

This Friday, April 8, the World Pro kicks off. Some of the big-name athletes will only see action next week, in the gi event. However, things are already heating up in the No-Gi contest, being held for the first time this season. A number of aces are scattered through the brackets, with the under-74 kg standing out as being especially thorny.

To check out the brackets, click here.

Check out some of the big names from each category:


Rafael Mendes, Guilherme Mendes, Bruno Frazatto, Ary Farias, Eduardo Ramos, Bruno Malfacine, Reinaldo Ribeiro, Renan Borges e Richard Avilla.


Rodrigo Caporal, Davi Ramos, Jonatas Tagarela, Augusto Tanquinho, Leandro Pereira, Michel Maia, Gilbert Durinho, JT Torres and Ryan Hall.


Tarsis Humphreys, Murilo Santana, Yan Cabral, Claudio Calasans and Clark Gracie.


Rodolfo Vieira, Nivaldo de Oliveira, Bruno Bastos, Bernardo Faria, Rafael Lovato and Ricardo Evangelista.


Igor Silva, Antonio Braga Neto, Xande Ribeiro and Marcus Almeida “Bochecha”.

* The No-Gi event does have a female division.

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