Luiza comments on Hillary fight and prepares for new challenges

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Luiza at the No-Gi Worlds / Photo: personal archives

A black belt who’s been standing out in competition these days, even winning the No-Gi Worlds, Luiza Monteiro is in high spirits following her performance at the Pan. The fighter didn’t have to compete in the medium heavyweight division, no opponents having signed up, but a special win in the absolute division reinvigorated her for her upcoming challenges.

“I felt I fought well. I won my first match in the absolute, beat Rejane Dias by 6 to 2, and then fought Hillary Williams – a fight I’d been looking forward to for some time. Last year she beat me in the weight group final. It was the second time I’d lost to her. This time I managed to finish her with a calf crunch, so it was really special. I hit a wall against Gabi Garcia in the semifinal – she passed my guard and caught my arm,” she recounts.

She may not get to be at the World Pro, but Luiza will be at other events.

“I was really upset about not being able to make it to the World Pro. I won my weight group at the qualifiers and was really confident in the absolute, where I’d secure my spot in the main event. I beat Polyana Lago, but ended up losing to Talita Treta in the final. Perhaps it wasn’t the right time, but I’m still excited about the ADCC qualifiers – I love competing without the gi – and then there’s the Brazilian Nationals and the Worlds,” she says.

“My main focus now is on the Brazilian nationals – I’m going to try to win my weight group and the absolute. I’ll also be at the Worlds for sure. Although I may be a bit lighter than my opponents, I should go in as a medium heavyweight, which is the division where I like fighting most. I’d like to thank my teacher Rodrigo Cavaca for all his support,” she says in closing.

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