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The most highly-regarded of gi-less grappling tournaments, this year’s ADCC promises to hand out 200 thousand dollars in prize money to the toughest martial artists in the world.

The ninth installment of the event will take place in Nottingham, England, on September 24 and 25. Although the most likely way into the tourney is by participating at one of the tryouts held around the world. But for better-qualified competitors, there’s always the rare chance your CV will be accepted for one of the few vacant spots to fill the brackets, so send yours to Guy Neivens at

To make sure your CV is considered, send in the body of the email your name, contact information like email and telephone, your country of origin, height, weight, age, fighting style and a list of all the competitions you have participated in, as well as any links to your fights on the internet.

In the subject line of your email, include what division you intend to compete in.

It is worth noting that the rules have changed, so the weight-in takes place just before you go to fight, and a subsequent weight-in may be requested on day 2, so fight at your true weight. Moreover, not a gram of tolerance will be given.

For further information, acess

Rules and regulations: .

For further information on prizes,

Organizers Lefterious Magriopolous and Guy Neivens with Bráulio Estima, absolute champ in 2009, at the arena

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