Know who Barral’s betting on for Pan absolute?

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Barral against Xande at Worlds absolute semifinal / Foto: Ivan Trindade

One of Gracie Barra’s greatest representatives at present and the owner of a slick guard, Rômulo Barral won’t make it to the Jiu-Jitsu Pan, as he is only just getting back into rhythm in training after suffering a knee injury.

However, the black belt has been keeping close watch of the competition scene and, over Twitter (@romulobarral) didn’t waver when it came time to name a favorite to take the absolute:

“I’m betting on Rodolfo Vieira to win the absolute at the Pan,” he wagered.

Rodolfo in photo by Carlos Ozório

Tonight Rodolfo flies out to Los Angeles, USA, where he will rendevouz with GFTeam for the Pan. In a conversation with, the fighter guarantees he will be in the absolute.

“That’s right, I’m entering at weight and open weight,” he says, flattered by Barral giving him the nod.

“The one who came and told me about it was Gabi Garcia, and I was overjoyed by it. I even got goosebumps getting a vote of confidence from a guy like Barral!” says the Master Julio Cesar student.

But the excitement won’t be limited to the open weight category. In the heavyweight division, Rodolfo’s division, the top places will be even more hotly disputed with the inclusion of Ricardo Demente in the category, not to mention current champion of both the division Bernardo Faria.

“It was already rough, now with Demente it will be even tougher still!”

Stay tuned to to find out everything there is to know about the event and, of course, to the GRACIEMAG at the Pan Blog, packed with exclusives!

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