The act of “heroism” Jiu-Jitsu might have prevented

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Montage from the internet with Casey, the young Australian who became a sensation standing up to a bully

Casey is the rotund kid who became an instant celebrity on Youtube after striking back at a bully in Saint Marys North, in Australia. With his counter-attack, as unexpected as it was violent, he became a worldwide symbol of anti-bullying, an ill plaguing schools across the planet – and especially American ones, according to the greater US media.

But Casey is the “hero” no one wishes there were more of. Especially Jiu-Jitsu enthusiasts and teachers, who speak up more and more in defense of the art as the best medicine to combat the syndrome plaguing schools.

Indeed, Jiu-Jitsu taught properly doesn’t offer just the means for kids to defend themselves. By training at academies teaching the style, students gain confidence, friends and the understanding that intimidating and squaring off against classmates is a silly waste of time.

Pay a visit to the academy nearest your home and invest in your children’s happiness. If you live outside Brazil, find an academy here.

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  1. mike ashworth at 2:40 pm

    My friend, Al Peasland, a leading self defence and personal safety expert was bullied throughout his school years too.

    He has written a number of well received articles and produced a short video about the Casey Heynes incident.

    Perhaps when you get a moment you’d check them out. take care.

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