What’s your favorite submission on Youtube?

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While surfing through Youtube.com, I came across this match in the ADCC 2005 under-77kg division, between Japanese star Shinya Aoki and the eventual divisional champion, Marcelo Garcia.

It’s just one of the gems the video-sharing website offers. So that peaked my curiosity. Which is your favorite submission found on Youtube (or Vimeo, etc.), dear reader? That video that you watch and rewatch and that changed something in your Jiu-Jitsu?

Comment below, and don’t forget to send the link and tell why the match or move meant so much to you.

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  1. abel flores at 4:58 pm

    In 2008 i was interested in learning brazilian jiu-jitsu so i looked up on youtube a local purple belt who was giving private lessons named Albert Hughes. I was so impressed by this video and how Albert not only attacked relentlessly, but how he carried himself after the fight.
    Today if you go to Genesis Jiu-Jitsu in Fort Worth Texas you can find two amazing Black Belts in Albert Hughes and Tony Tipton teaching some amazing jiu-jitsu


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