Italy opens up to the gentle art

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Duomo Plaza, one of Milan's most famous points. Photo: Publicity.

Milan, Italy, is recognized as the world capital of fashion. It’s also the land of top-notch soccer – with team’s like AC Milan and Internazionale Milano – and, of course, great cousine.

However, Milan has also opened up to Jiu-Jitsu. Check out the pics from the Milano Jiu-Jitsu Challenge and see how the gentle art is coming along over there.

And if you’re in Italy and want to have some first-rate rolls, don’t miss stopping in at the country’s GRACIEMAG associate academies. Our GMAs there are:

Federico Tisi Jiu-Jitsu Network

Academies All Over Italy

# 39 03 924 229 676

Gracie Barra Italy

Corso Galileo Ferraris,144

10129, Torino

# 39 3887541687

Gracie Jiu-Jitsu Bolzano

Bozen, Italy


Milano, Italy

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