Frazatto and Atos featherweight squad

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Frazatto in photo by Ivan Trindade

At this year’s European Jiu-Jitsu Championship, the team led by Ramon Lemos in Rio Claro, Brazil, put together a team promising to be a handful in the featherweight black belt division. And at the first mission, in Lisbon, the squad couldn’t have had a more successful go at it with Eduardo Ramos in first, Bruno Frazatto in second and brothers Rafael and Guilherme Mendes in third. To comment on that and much more, we had a chat with Bruno Frazatto, the most seasoned of the four.

Check out what he had to tell

Tell us about Europe. How many matches did you have?

Thank God I started the year on the right foot. In my division, I had one match before closing out with my friends and training partners Rafael, Guilherme Mendes and Eduardo Ramos. I fought Justin Rader and managed to win with a choke from back mount, which stemmed from an omoplata attack. After the division, I was invited to represent Brazil in the National Team Match. I had two more bouts and won by submission with an omoplata and attack from back mount. I was really happy with my results. Ever since last year I’ve competed frequently and managed to win in all the events.

And what about this squad in the featherweight division? Will it be like that in all the events?

This year we’ll be really well represented in all the divisions. But at featherweight, the goal is to close out all the main competitions, we’re going in to win it all. The Mendes bros and Eduardo Ramos will go in with me at all of them.

What are the plans now?

On the 26th we’ll start a training camp at André Galvão’s academy, at Atos in San Diego. We’ll do intensive preparations for the Pan and World Pro. All the black belts on the team will be there and all the lower-ranked athletes who will compete. I’m certain it will be a great experience, because we’ll be able to count on André Galvão being there and training, one of the best Jiu-Jitsu fighters of all times. Whenever he’s there he passes on that highly positive energy to everyone.

Which events will we see you in this year? Will you fight MMA again?

My focus is to compete at all the IBJJF events and the World Pro. After the Worlds I intend to take up MMA again, since I haven’t fought since 2007. I’m happy, focused and very confident, training like never before to give it my best.

Check out a session at the academy between Frazatto and another featherweight force on the team, Rafael Mendes:

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