Sérgio Moraes wins absolute at Euro Open

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The European Open 2011’s champions have been defined. At black belt, Sérgio Moraes snatched the absolute title for Alliance this Sunday in Lisbon, Portugal.

In the decider Moraes overcame Claudio Calasans. He was also in the medium heavyweight final against Bráulio Estima but lost to the Gracie Barra star.

Sérgio in absolute action / Photo: Ivan Trindade

At light featherweight, Ary Farias debuts at black belt with a win, defeated three-time world champion roosterweight Bruno Malfacine.

At featherweight the Mendes brothers, Rafael and Guilherme, shut out the division, just as they used to do in the old days.

The same went for the lightweight division, with Alliance’s Michael Langhi and Lucas Lepri closing out, just as they did in 2010.

Top spot in the middleweight division went to Cláudio Calasans, who was also a finalist in the absolute. The Atos ace beat Bruno Almeida.

At heavyweight, Alliance shut out again with Leonardo Nogueira and Bernardo Faria.

Lúcio Lagarto took the superheavyweight crown for Gracie Barra by beating Rafael Lovato Jr.

Brasa duo Rodrigo Comprido and Igor Silva closed out the ultraheavyweight group.

In the ladies’ contest, Luanna Alzuguir took lightweight gold by beating Michelle Nicolini. Also noteworthy is how the fighter closed out the female absolute with Gabi Garcia. Marina Medeiros defeated Kyra Gracie at featherweight, while Ida Hansson defeated Priscila Juni.

For more detailed coverage, visit the GRACIEMAG at the European Open Blog.

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  2. Paul at 3:10 pm

    So almost every division was ended in a gentlemen’s agreement? That sucks. When are they going to start making the brackets so that teammates meet each other in the first round? This is stupid.

  3. paul at 3:17 pm

    When are they going to start making the brackets so that teammates meet each other in the opening round? 5 DIVISIONS ENDED IN A GENTLEMAN’S AGREEMENT?

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