Check out the staller in GRACIEMAG # 166

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Check out the staller in GRACIEMAG #166.

The most hated person in Jiu-Jitsu circles was cornered, and rather than dodge the questions, he counter-attacked. The result is a can’t miss Face to Face section in GRACIEMAG 166 now on newsstands.

“On top, the normal thing to do for the guy winning the match to pummel his arm under and stay put. They’re amateurs compared to me!” spits the staller.

“I stall because it’s normal to do só. Every great fighter knows how to let a match simmer. The fighter who lets it flow in the gym but stalls in competition is often up there among the champions. Want me to give you a list?”

To understand better what goes on in the head of this undesireable and irritating adversary, get your copy of GRACIEMAG 166 and subscribe to get upcoming issues at home by clicking here.

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  1. firebodhi at 3:40 pm

    Stalling is bad jiu jitsu. There is difference between controlling the pace of the match and finding the right time to attack and stalling to not engauge or fight. The objective should always be to finish an opponent and not stall until there are 30 seconds left and try to win by advantage.

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