Malfacine working hard not to let up on main opponent

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Bruno goes past Felipe Costa at 2010 Worlds. Photo: GM archives.

Bruno Malfacine made history at the 2010 Worlds by becoming the first roosterweight to win three world titles at black belt. This year, the challenges he will face will start with the European Open in Lisbon. In a conversation with, the Alliance representative comments on his pursuit of a fourth world title and doesn’t spare the main opponent in his way to the unprecedented achievement: Caio Terra.

How are things going at the start of the season?

We’re tying up some loose ends to head to Europe. I made to most of the end of the year to maintain shape, but I went back to training yesterday and am focused on the European Open. If I go, I’ll go to win, as always. From the way the team began training here, I could get a sense of how the year will go. Everyone’s concentrated, strong.

Is winning a fourth roosterweight title at the Worlds your main objective?

Getting a fourth is my most important objective, a challenge. I was happy to have been the first roosterweight three-time champion, for having set a new milestone, by I looked to put that behind me. Now I want four, and I’m going for the title with all my might. It won’t be easy, but things become easier with training.

You may face Caio Terra, your main opponent, along the way in this mission…

We’ll meet again. He’s a great fighter, he just talks too much. I’d rather not talk. We’ll see when the time comes.

Malfa wins Brazilian Nationals. Photo: Carlos Ozório.

In your division today, you’re the fighter to beat, everyone talks about you. What do you think of that?

That was already going on last year, when there was still speculation as to my winning a third. It doesn’t make me feel any pressure, just motivates me more. I think about going one further every day. Anyone around me knows how much I sacrifice to be better every time I appear at the Worlds. In 2011 I’ll work even harder to keep at the top and, if it’s up to me, there will be no lack of will.

You’ve said before that you want to compete at light featherweight more. Will that happen this year?

I tested myself at light featherweight and liked it. I felt really strong in the division, contrary to what a lot of people said. I should compete at that weight again.

Do as Bruno Malfacine does, participate in IBJJF events. The first of the new season is the European Open, to take place January 27 to 30 in Lisbon, Portugal. For more, click here.

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