Just as with a good game or fight, the year ain’t over till it’s over

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That’s right, another year comes to a close, there’s no time to achieve anything else, we’ll have to leave it till the next one, things will be different in 2011.

If you think along those lines, you may be forgetting how so many of the best out there, in making the most of the waning moments, are forever engraved in public memory.

Where great athletes are concerned, it’s when the clock, the bell or the referee is about to call and end to the action that they muster up unexpected strength and perform that perfect move, come up with the perfect hand, often seen as out of this world, that puts them in the history books.

Train hard and be ready for when the opportunity arises for you. And remember, it’s never too late, the battle is only over when it’s over. That’s what these guys below (even Chael Sonnen) always remind us.

Reggie Miller vs. New York Knicks (NBA, 1995)


USA vs. France (Swimming, Peking -2008)

Lewis Hamilton vs. Felipe Massa (Formula 1 GP 2008)

Flamengo’s Petkovic vs. Vasco (Rio de Janeiro championship 2001)

Anderson Silva vs. Chael Sonnen (UFC 117, 2010)


What about you, do you remember a classic game or fight that was decided in the very end? Comment or post the link below!

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