Drysdale travels Oceania and even trains with Australian football team

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Photos: Personal archives

Robert Drysdale recently did a tour of Oceania, where he shared some of his Jiu-Jitsu technique.

The fighter stayed eight days on the Australian West Coast at The Arena Mixed Martial Arts. Besides teaching seminars, our GMA took the opportunity to train with the players on the Westcoast Eagles, one of the country’s most traditional Australian football teams, and helped out with the grappling program.

The black belt then moved on to Melbourne, where he stayed for seven days at Dominance Mixed Martial Arts, and even tried kangaroo meat.

The next stop was New Zealand, a five-hour flight away. There he taught two more seminars, at GSW Martial Arts Wellington, and took a panoramic helicopter tour. Back in Australia, Frank Mir’s grappling coach went on to Brisbane, at Sassom Fitness, and Sydney, at Sinosic Perosh Martial Arts.

“Everyone in Australia and New Zealand was a great host. It was really cool and I’m already thinking about coming back next year. Jiu-Jitsu is progressing quickly in both countries and it was a pleasant surprise to see the level they’re at there. I recommend all the academies I stopped through and, of course, to make the most of all the unforgettable things the countries have to offer,” remarks Drysdale.

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  1. fred at 6:48 pm

    wtf? the Westcoast Eagles don’t play rugby!!! They play Australian Football! They’re two completely different sports! Like soccer and NFL … ?? You guys really don’t do any research at all, do you …?

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