Run, Letícia, run

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Check out a series of exercises fundamental in the practice of high-level Jiu-Jitsu, demonstrated by one of the sport’s all-time greatest champions.

Fundamental, yes. After all, the sport you practice is an “explosive” on too, if you hadn’t noticed. How else do you think you get to each position, or recover and escape to others.

Through explosiveness, of course. Work out with the dummy, jump rope, and run with Letícia Ribeiro, if you can.

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  1. Stephen Nave at 6:22 pm

    Working with Leticia has been amazing. Leticia is an great athlete, and she shows it here using the Bulgarian Bag, H.I.R.T. system and the Gladiator wall to train not only her anaerobic energy systems, but grip strength and full body functional muscle strength and endurance. In this video you will see movements used to enhance the following:

    1. Increase in anaerobic capacity
    2. Increase in grip strength and endurance
    3. Learning how to recruit the large muscles of the back to pull and throw, thus saving arm strength and endurance
    4. Establishing a strong base of support with her stance and using increased core activation to dissipate force
    5. Using the Bulgarian Bag to take advantage of gravity, inertia and momentum to perform loaded dynamic movements
    6. Learning how to use “tension” to increase strength and joint stability

    All of these points of performance have direct carryover to the sport of Jiu Jitsu and manipulation of the same forces that anyone will encounter during a training session or a competitive match.

    If you have a question about training with the Bulgarian Bag and the benefits it can provide for your sport please contact me at

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