Following win in São Paulo, Sérgio heads to U.S. to preach gi gospel

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Serginho also focuses on 2011 Worlds. Photo: Alicia Anthony.

Sérgio Moraes won the World Cup belt at this weekend’s Fernando “Fepa”-produced event in São Paulo. After winning the absolute on Saturday, the Alliance ace overcame then-title holder Alexandre de Souza (Gracie Floripa) on Sunday.

“The event was packed and it was awesome. I was stoked about my win. My best match was against Alexandre. I managed to come up with a good win in the end. I feel we gave the spectators a great match, and thank God, I’m the one who went home with the belt this year,” he tells

Now the fighter is getting ready for a move to the USA, where he will work on his MMA training, but he won’t be leaving the gi out of his training.

Check out what he had to say:

Will you compete in Jiu-Jitsu in 2011 or will you stay focused on MMA?

I intend to compete at all the main events, like the European, Pan, Worlds, ADC, World Pro, World Cup… The important thing is to train properly; so long as I’m trained I’ll compete in whatever comes up. I like it, that adrenaline from being matside or ringside.

When will you move to the USA for good?

I’ll spend the end of the year here in Brazil with family, then I’ll move to San Diego. I’ll teach at Minotauro’s academy.

I’m always focused on Jiu-Jitsu, whether in the gi or for MMA. We’ll get the guys training for real. Guys who train in the gi now how it helps determine technical quality, so I want to get everyone training in the gi. We’ll have some first-rate training.

What will improve for you at Minotauro’s academy (reminding of how Sérgio continues to represent Alliance)?

Being on Minotauro’s team will add a lot to my MMA and also, by being abroad, it will get me a lot more visibility. I’ll be on the side with the goal! But the first step is to train, evolve.

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