At one with life, Lyoto speaks out about Dana White

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Photo: Personal archive.

The outcome of the Lyoto Machida-Quinton Jackson fight at UFC 123 stirred up some controversy. After the final bell, Jackson clearly demonstrated he expected to lose, but the judges’ decision appointed him the victor via split decision.

It was the second loss in a row for Lyoto following a sixteen-fight unbeaten streak. The karateka voiced his feeling regarding the result via Twitter:

“I feel I won, but I have to respect the job the judges do. Right or wrong, correct or not, they were prepared to be there. I cannot judge them,” he says.

“My father always taught me, ever since I was little in karate competitions, that injust results exist: ‘My son, you cannot place blame on the referees, the responsability to win or lose is yours. You have to be your best to not leave a margin for getting it taken from you. They can assign whatever results they want to.’”

Then, Lyoto goes on to comment on UFC president Dana White’s criticism of him:

“As for my boss, I don’t want to spend time speaking good or ill of him. As he’s said before, the president calls the shots. Who am I to speak of someone who puts it like that and feels he knows what is right?” he says.

“I was happy with my performance, with my preparations. My team did a great job. The outcome was no one’s fault. If that’s how it happened it was meant to be, I have to learn from it,” he adds.

Forging ahead, Lyoto now awaits another opportunity in the octagon and is making the most of his time off to spend time with his family and newborn son.

“I want to thank my wife and congratulate her for giving me the greatest present of my life: my two sons!” he says in closing.

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  1. Edward at 10:48 am

    Lyoto will learn a good lesson from this match. He is more skilled and he should have taken it to Rampage earlier than the 3rd round. He will use his style more efficiently within the 15 minutes now to put away future opponents.

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