Beatriz Mesquita and side challenge with Nicolini

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Bia on podium with Michelle and Fabiana Borges. Photo: Personal archives.

Tipped early last year by as a major promise for 2010, Beatriz Mesquita lived up to expectations. At the No-Gi Worlds in California, the Gracie Humaitá representative conquered yet another title – at lightweight – and barely missed taking gold in the absolute, taking silver instead.

“It made me really happy because it’s my first world title at brown/black belt; I didn’t have one yet. Besides that, it was my second no-gi championship. The first was last year’s Brazilian Nationals, but I only had one match. So it was great. I only trained in San Diego with Letícia (Ribeiro) and Fabrício Morango for two weeks, and for the no-gi experience, I feel it was really great. Of course, I really wanted to win the absolute, but I’m content!” she tells

At weight Bia had two matches. First she overcame Claudia Gadelha by an advantage point, before going into the final with Michelle Nicolini – a side challenge at the event for the athlete.

“We had two really tough bouts. In the weight group, I got on top and scored two points after she fell out of the area with a footlock in place. When I returned to the middle, I managed to close guard and got the finish with an armbar.”

In the absolute, the brown belt had two matches before again facing Nicolini.

“It was a tough match again. I tried pulling guard and she went for my foot, which was already sore from the first final. I ended up tapping out and even got a little hurt,” she admits.

At the Worlds with friends like Michelle Tavares, Mackenzie Dern and Letícia. Photo: Personal archive.

And training carries on full swing. Bia has a dream to fulfill in the 2011 season.

“The start of the year will be frenetic. There’s the Abu Dhabi qualifier in January followed by the European Open. Then comes the Pan and the Worlds, which is my main focus for 2011. I want that gi title too.”

Beatriz is from Saquarema, a coastal Rio de Janeiro town better known for good waves for surfing than for Jiu-Jitsu. But the stalwart competitor represents her town well on the mat. That’s why she is frequently paid tribute.

“Over there I train with Luis Fernando, who’s from Gracie Humaitá. But I’m also always going to Gracie Tijuca, Humaitá, and before big events, to San Diego to train with Letícia,” she says.

“When I return, my parents always prepare a surprise for me along with the folks who support me there in Saquarema. There’s often a party when I get home,” she says in finishing.

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