Tererê witnesses neighbor Finfou’s success in Sweden

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Both were born of humble origins but made their names through Jiu-Jitsu. Fernendo Tererê and friend, from the same Cantagalo favela where he’s from in Rio de Janeiro, Alan “Finfou” do Nascimento spent five days together in Europe. Tererê and the CheckMat black belt held seminars in Stockholm, where Finfou’s academy is located.

Then the two took a three-hour trip to see another friend in Sweden, Pilo, who represents team Yamazaki. Both taught two seminars together and trained a lot before Tererê pushed on to Spain, where he is right now.

“I’ve known Alan a long time. He started training with me when I was a purple belt. He was fourteen years old and a yellow belt. To me it’s great to see his stock rising among the other competitive black belts. I came here and it brings me great joy to see how he lives and to see his newborn son. I took full advantage of his advice and will imitate some of the things he does in training for sure!” says Tererê.

“I know it’s no time to compare myself to athletes in competition rhythm, but I believe I’m becoming more and more inspired and I get more excited when I get to see those warriors like this, like seeing Bráulio Estima, in England, and Finfou. I’m so happy that they remember me!” added the black belt.

Now Tererê is in Spain, where he is visiting the academies of Professor Ezekiel, in Valencia. In Barcelona, he will teach seminars and train with Yan Cabral this Saturday. On Sunday, he heads to the Canary Islands, where he will stay at the academy of Tony Malone, a Carlson Gracie black belt. And next Thursday, Tererê heads for Switzerland.

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