Comprido reveals Lesnar’s trump card against Velasquez

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Comprido trains Brock Lesnar: Photo: publicity

The UFC holds another event this Saturday, in England. However, all eyes are on the event that follows, the October 23 one in California. There, at UFC 121, current heavyweight champion Brock Lesnar puts his title on the line against Cain Velasquez, who comes off a win over Rodrigo Minotauro.

Velasquez, known for his wrestling prowess and heavy hands, has been polishing up his ground game, even paying a visit to our GMA in Mexico Mario Delgado, a Renzo Gracie representative. Now Lesnar, also a stalwart wrestler and abnormally strong, has been sharpening up his grappling skills with two-time absolute world champion Rodrigo Comprido.

“I’m really confident in the work we’re doing with Brock. He’s in great shape and I’m confident it will be one of the best fights of his career. It will be a can’t-miss fight and will make the MMA history books,” remarks comprido to our correspondent Nalty Jr.

And for this challenge, Lesnar has the help of the ideal training partner.

“Some more great news is that our training partner at Death Clutch Gym (the gym Lesnar put together to train at) Cole Conrad is the Bellator champion, so we have two heavyweight belts on our mantle. For those who don’t know, Cole beat Velasquez in wrestling six times,” says the black belt.

Rodrigo Comprido. Foto: divulgação

Comprido’s agenda is a full one. Check out what the coach has coming up:


15 and 16 – “Vitor Viana is coming to train with my students here at the academy in Chicago, FloMMA.”

18 – “Training with Demian Maia, who’s getting ready to fight n the UFC.”

23 – “Accompany Brock to the UFC.”

30 – “Seminar in Elgin, Illinois. Information: 847 529 6924,


5 and 6 – “Brasa training at my academy”

20 – “Seminar in Toledo, Ohio. Information (Deon) 419 410 5483”

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