Pre-Worlds “light” training with Carwin, Marquardt & Co.

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Pimenta and the beasts at Amal Easton's academy. Photo: Torr Lewis

If light training is what you want, then don’t accompany Denílson Pimenta on his trip to the United States. Again, the GFTeam black belt is helping out Renzo Gracie representative Amal Easton prepare beasts like Nate Marquardt, Shane Carwin, and Brendan Schaub in working on their ground games. The latter about to take on Gabriel Napão at UFC 121 on October 23.

“The gang is really dedicated, the guys are really good at MMA, with impressive gas tanks. Between spars they’re bouncing around; they don’t stop for a minute. Nate (Marquardt) never stops, he gets out from under you the whole time. I’m helping Amal fine-tune them, working on what they should do in given situations. We practice a lot of submissions, too, and the folks have really evolved Jiu-Jitsu games. We also work on ways to trap opponents under you and I’m stoked to be training with these guys. I’m always dead tired after training and the guys appreciate our being there. I can only thank Amal for the opportunity,” says Pimenta, who offers his prediction on the bout between Brendan and Gonzaga:

“I have a lot of faith in Brendan’s standup and it’s really hard to get him to the ground. The guy puts Shane Carwin on top of him and still gets out. Just like Nate did when he got out of Toquinho’s foot hold so quick, he does it, too. If you blink, he gets up. It will be a great fight, but I have faith in Brendan. If Napão isn’t at his best, he won’t make it to the end,” he wagers.

Pimenta works with Nate and Brendan. Photo: personal archive.

Recent training “vacation” aside, Pimenta is getting ready for the No-Gi Worlds, to take place November 7 in California. Furthermore, the black belt will take part in a GP.

‘I’m going to do the No-Gi Worlds and I’m already cutting weight; that same old problem! Before that, though, I’m going to do a GP in Texas on the 28th; there will be eight fighters going for the under-80kg belt. I’ll compete at 80kg one week and 67 the next! I’m here ready for war, training morning and night,” he says in closing.

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