The day Liddell beat Belfort by counter-attack

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Vitor lets his fist fly, in photo by Josh Hedges.

Vitor Belfort is sharpening up his punches and kicks to face off with Anderson Silva at a gala show next February 5 in the lead-up to the USA’s Super Bowl, UFC 127 in Las Vegas, Nevada.

During the wait, it’s worth checking out how Vitor did against another monster of standup fighting with a solid base, striking whiz Chuck Liddell.

Liddell took the June 22, 2002 fight by unanimous decision with a decisive knockdown. Rewatch the clip from the fight set to the beats of NOFX, and enjoy watching two top-tier fighters in action.

Then leave comment below: who takes the fight between champion Anderson and challenger Vitor?

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  1. MMA Diet at 1:33 am

    Nice video, I remember this fight and it lived up to the hype. Too bad Chuck has a glass jaw now and can’t take the same punches as he used to. If anyone is capable of dethroning Silva right now it is probably Belfort but its going to be a tough challenge.

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