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On October 2, at 1 pm Pacific Standard Time, two-time Jiu-Jitsu world champion and number 1 ADCC heavyweight Fabrício Werdum will participate in a groundbreaking project. The Strikeforce fighter and our GMA member, whose last MMA outing was a win over none other than Fedor Emelianenko, will conduct a Jiu-Jitsu and MMA seminar online, with a live internet broadcast on It is the brainchild of GMA Gilberto Faria and black belt Felipe Moreno. It’s a unique opportunity for fans the world over to be instructed by one of the greatest fighters of present day. The website just dropped definitively.

Participants will have a chance to ask Werdum questions in real time. They will be able to ask questions like, for example, What was the trick to the double attack that rendered Fedor helpless? It’s easy to take part, just sign up on the event’s website.

The topics of the class will be: guard control, armbars, triangles, omoplatas, the kimura, open guard for MMA and half-guard sweeps, among other positions.

Besides signing up for the seminar, interested parties will receive 30 days of free access to content on the website after the live event.

Don’t miss this opportunity offered by

Werdum talks about the seminar in the video below:

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