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João and team in Brasília. Photo: Carlos Ozório

Jiu-Jitsu black belt João Roque was a brilliant force in Japan’s MMA academies and rings. Now the fighter commands a full-fledged troop of fighters, having promoted dozens of black belts.

In the video below, João teaches a submission technique that can be used either in MMA or in no-gi contests, like in the ADCC. It’s worth noting that the heelhook isn’t allowed in sport Jiu-Jitsu.

Watch and learn:

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  1. Jordan Burton, III at 10:35 am

    Or self defense. I believe women practicing Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu should be taught leg locks such as these. A man with a broken knee can’t chase you down, among other things he couldn’t do.

  2. Jordan Burton, III at 10:40 am

    Beautiful! That is a very common tactic when you stand from breaking the closed guard. That same entry will work for attacking the toe-hold and straight ankle lock as well. Can’t be used in IBJJF ‘cause of the reaping of the knee. That’s something I’m still trying to understand and figure out from a saftey standpoint – the reap of the knee. I mean, you can reap the knee when using the X-Guard when they stand by cupping the knee with the hand(s) and buckling it down.

    Great find.

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