Sonnen admitted to using banned substance

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Sonnen, at the moment the his house caved in for the first time, at UFC 117. Photo: publicity

Chael Sonnen was caught out in the test for illicit substances after his fight against Anderson Silva at UFC 117. The urine-analysis results showed above-normal levels of testosterone, which would lead to enhanced performance.

The fighter did suggest he was taking an illegal substance prior to taking the test that would ultimately come up positive, as reported in a Sports Illustrated interview with the California State Athletic Commission’s George Dodd: “He only indicated that he was taking it but he never indicated why. Hejust let me know he was taking [something]. But when you do take it you still have to show a medical reason.”

Initially, Chael is suspended from the UFC for six weeks, during which the fighter will be allowed to present his defense. Sonnen may then end up banned from the octagon for a full year, as well as pay a 2,500-dollar fine.

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  1. simon at 8:03 am

    I don’t get why Paul Daley gets banned for life form the UFC and someone using ‘roids would get a limited ban… seems like a greater hit to the sports reputation than a lost temper…

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