Pablo Silva wows crowd in Tokyo and holds seminars

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Contrary to initial reports coming out of Japan after the tournament, light featherweight Pablo Silva (Gracie Barra-BH) won his weight group by a wide margin at the September 11 and 12, 2010 Asian Open, getting the tapout in both his matches.

“He put on a true show for the Japanese crowd in attendance at Tokyo’s Ayase Budokan gymnasium. In his first match he won with a choke. In the final not a point or advantage point was scored against him, and he finished with a sweet armbar,” said Roberto Massao, a teacher at Gracie Barra and Pablo’s guide in the Japanese capital.

Light featherweight winners' stand. Photo: Publicity.

The defining hold came at the tail end of the final, making the match all the more exciting. The Draculino student first pulled off a sweep to open the scoring. In the waning moments of the ten-minute affair he sunk an armbar from the omoplata that brought the crowd to its feet.

After recovering from his battle wounds (Pablo is recovering from knee trouble), the world and Asian champion will go on to hold seminars around Japan, and returns to Brazil on the 20th.

* 17 September: Extreme BJJ Academy in Komaki, 9 pm.

* 18 September: Gracie Barra Gifu and Paraestra Gifu Academy, 9 am

* 18 September: Gracie Barra Aichi Academy in Anjo, 7:30 pm

* 19 September: Rocha Okazaki Academy, 9:30 pm

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