From Fedor to Carlson Gracie, the champs’ favorites

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Fedor aparece na lista dos quatro entrevistados. Foto: Susumu Nagao

Putting together a list of the best of all times is never easy, and big names will inevitably be left out, so Brazil’s MMA magazine, NOCAUTE, passed on the task to some of Brazil’s greatest MMA representatives, asking them to list their all-time favorites.

Check out who made their lists:

Maurício Shogun

BJ was one of those most mentioned. Photo: Josh Hedges

1 – Fedor Emelianenko
2 – Georges St. Pierre
3 – Anderson Silva
4 – BJ Penn
5 – Wanderlei Silva

For everything Wanderlei has done in MMA, no way he can be left off anyone’s list” Shogun

Murilo Bustamante

Carlson is Bustamante's favorite. Photo: publicity

1 – Carlson Gracie
2 – Fedor Emelianenko
3 – Rodrigo Minotauro
4 – Anderson Silva
5 – BJ Penn

Shoot, the five best? Tough question! I’ll think about it and get back to you by email” Bustamante

José Aldo

José Aldo remembers the achievements of Royce Gracie

1 – Fedor Emelianenko
2 – Royce Gracie
3 – Randy Couture
4 – Rodrigo Minotauro
5 – Anderson Silva

It’s rough putting Minotauro in fourth and Anderson in fifth; they’re practically number-one’s, too” Aldo

Anderson Silva

Minotauro is Anderson's favorite. Photo: Josh Hedges

1 – Rodrigo Minotauro
2 – Randy Couture
3 – Georges St. Pierre
4 – Fedor Emelianenko
5 – BJ Penn

Dude, can I mention one more? Lyoto can’t be left out” Anderson

What about you, dear reader, who are on your top-five list? Add your post!

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There are 23 comments for this article
  1. Cedric at 9:35 pm

    Not all the best fighters but none of whom could be left out in the history of MMA greats and icons
    Not in order;
    Helio Gracie
    Rickson Gracie
    Murilo Bustamante
    Anderson Silva

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