Belfort asks Dana White to face Toney in boxing

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An experienced boxer, Belfort in the lead-up to his knockout over Matt Lindland, at now-defunct Affliction. Photo: publicity.

Over Twitter, Vitor Belfort asked Dana White to let him face James Toney, the forty-year-old boxer ravaged by Randy Couture at UFC 118. The unusual request @vitorbelfort sent the promotional top dog was a courageous suggestion, perhaps risky, maybe crazy, but could turn out to be a big move: to face Toney standing, under boxing rules, in the octagon.

“Dana, make a six-round bout of boxing for me against Toney. I believe I can take him because of my speed. It would be the first boxing match in UFC history, and I promise he’ll feel my powers. With this fight we can prove UFC fighters are better (than boxers),” said Vitor, who has one professional boxing match on his record: a first-round technical knockout in April 2006 in Brazil.

How does that idea sound to you, reader?

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  1. John at 7:28 am

    Great to see someone step up to his challenge. I mean he came to MMA why give him his shot at proving his point. I like Vitor for this match up. Vitor got into MMA hoping to be a professional boxer so I think he’s got a good shot at winning

  2. Todd at 3:51 pm

    I think that they shouldn’t do straight boxing rules. I think just eliminate the take downs and ground game. Just striking and clinch fighting. That would be enough to expose boxing’s shortcomings.

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