Drysdale wants Roger in MMA; makes no difference to absolute champion

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Drysdale (facing camera) against Roger at 2007 Worlds. Photo: Alicia Anthony

Professor Robert Drysdale arrived home from Europe excited after a successful seminar tour. Our GMA in Las Vegas, Drysdale realized what it is that motivates him at this point in his career: to finally beat Roger Gracie, the current absolute world champion of Jiu-Jitsu and the only three-time champion in the sport’s history.

After three losses in the gi and a postponed superfight at ADCC 2009, Drysdale now hopes for a showdown with Jiu-Jitsu’s boogeyman under the rules of… that’s right, MMA.

Roger, who is held in high regard at the Strikeforce organization after submitting Kevin Randleman in the light heavyweight division, with a tight ground game, spoke about the challenge Drysdale issued, on Whoatv.com, as well as other subjects, like Strikeforce, the UFC and how he deals with pressure in his career.

“They tell me he wants to fight me in MMA. His no-gi technique may very well be better. It makes no difference to me if he’s my next opponent or not,” says Roger.

“I just want to fight, I don’t care who it’s against,” adds the Gracie.

Check out the complete interview:

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