Minotauro breaks down acting experience and puts on gi

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Rodrigo Minotauro carries on strong in his recovery from two surgical procedures he recently underwent that kept him out of his fight with Frank Mir, at UFC 119. The fighter is already taking his first steps without the aid of a crutch and even took the time to watch The Expendables, the movie in which he had a role playing alongside Sylvester Stallone and a number of other fighters, like Randy Couture.

“According to Stallone, fighters have mean faces and would be perfect as red berets! I just watched it; it’s great,” he said over twitter, breaking his down the experience as an actor.

“My brother and I were in three scenes in the movie. I call the general at the start, speaking in perfect Spanish! Hehehe! The red berets were all fighters,” recounted the fighter, then heaping praise on Randy Couture.

“Couture performed really well in the film. He has charisma and a future as an actor. Good world, Captain America!”

Watch, in the video below, Minotauro getting back to his roots. In a Jiu-Jitsu training session with Eduardo Telles, Minotauro trains and comments on the importance of the gi in MMA.

“The gi is the foundation for everything. Your game gets tighter, whether in defense or attack,” he professes.

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  1. Eddie Bravo Lover at 12:57 pm

    I love how Eddie Bravo tells everyone that you don’t need to train with a GI to get good at no-gi… But why do all the great BJJ greats say that training with a GI is good for no-gi and MMA? I mean, has Eddie Bravo ever won the mundials or pan-ams or adcc or an mma match?

    If he hasn’t won ANY TITLES, why does he insist on telling everyone the exact opposite of the what the Legends in the sport say?

    Maybe the Legends are all wrong and Eddie Bravo is right?

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