“White man” wins indigenous fight

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Conterrâneo and Great Chieftain Tacomã

An MMA fighter who stands out for his charisma, among other traits, Edson Conterrâneo won the first stage of the “No Meio da Selva” (“In the Middle of the Jungle”) reality show. During a week in the Amazon rain forest, Conterrâneo learned the way of life of the indigenous people, hunting and fishing tricks, and participated in the traditional Indigenous Games.

Held once every four years, the Games is a sort of large festival with music, dancing and fighting. The party celebrates the soul and the departure of the tribes’ dead. Seventeen indigenous ethnicities participated, only two of which have contact with the white man. With the blessing of Great Chieftain Tacomã, the fighter represented the community and, with his MMA techniques, won ten matches in the Games.

Conterrâneo teaching MMA moves

As a prize, Conterrâneo won a bow and arrow that was passed down through many generations of the native people. The arrows were confectioned with puma teeth, ray tail and snake venom. “The prize was worth more than all the trophies I’ve won, as I lived a part of the history of the Indians.

Furthermore, Conterrâneo taught a bit of MMA to four Indians. The four will be responsible for the proliferation of the sport in the tribe. “They were curious about learning because they’d seem fights on DVD’s. I taught them to punch, kick and a bit of the rules of the sport.”

Indigenous Olympics opening ceremony

The second part of the reality show will be shot in the city of Itu, where the fighter lives. “As I won and have the bow that was passed down through generations, the son of Great Chieftain [Tacomã] will come here to learn about our culture and way of life,” he says in finishing.

This is the second reality show the fighter participates in successfully. The other was the world famous “Troca de Famílias” (Brazilian equivalent of American “Trading Spouses” or British “Wife Swap” ). Conterrâneo is a TV audience success.

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  1. Paulo Guimaraes at 10:12 pm

    In my opinion white man should only watch but not participate or interfere in other cultures and civilizations.

    Why white man has always to try to change things and make everything as his culture?

    We saw this happens many times before. Remember the Incas, Maias and Aztecs? Remember the African slaves? Remember the American Indians? Remember the Australian Aboriginals? Remember!?!?

    So LEAVE THE OTHER CULTURES keep their cultures!!! Why is it so hard for you?

    Paulo Guimaraes.

  2. Jordan Burton, III at 8:12 am

    Before there was “Greco-Roman” wrestling, their was the Nile Valley civilzation where it’s in the hyieroglypics on the walls of Kemet, “Greco-Roman” wrestling was practiced. And people believe Martial Arts “originated” in Asia. SMH = Shaking My Head.

    Interesting post, Paulo.

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