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If readers find September’s GRACIEMAG at a bookstore, academy or even in the hands of some friend, the thing to do is get a hold of it and take it home. That’s right, because this month’s GRACIEMAG will become a collector’s item.

For one reason: Gracie Publishing’s principal product will change. And you lose nothing by waiting for it.

“We launched GRACIE Magazine in 1996 as an improvement on the defunct ‘Jornal Gracie’ (‘Gracie Newspaper’). Since then our format has changed several times, including the name, as the magazine is now just called GRACIEMAG,” says our director-in-chief Luca Atalla, in an interview published today on the website.

“In 2006 the magazine was made bilingual (in both English and Portuguese), so as to facilitate its export to the international market. But now all that has changed. First hand, I announce that the international version of GRACIEMAG will be published only in English and the Brazilian version only in Portuguese,” Luca reports. You think the news ends there?

No way. Our MMA magazine NOCAUTE will now reach English-reading readers. “That’s right, our international edition of GRACIEMAG will offer the new CHOKE MMA magazine, the English-language version of our traditional NOCAUTE, as a supplement,” reports Luca Atalla.

The first issue of NOCAUTE, and the cover CHOKE MMA number 1.

Get a copy of your favorite magazine at better bookstores across the USA, like Borders, Barnes & Nobles, Books-A-Million, etc., and at GMA member academies, here.

And of course, by subscription:

To read the complete interview with our editor, click here.

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  1. Fred at 9:43 pm

    Just a point … the word in portuguse – “estrangulamento” does NOT translate to “choke” in English. Choke is the wrong term, used by ignorant UFC commentators and other dopey Americans. you should make a point and call your magazine “strangle”, or a derivation of it.

  2. Jordan Burton, III at 12:36 am

    Chokes cut off air and hurt the trachea; strangles are more “gentle” and “sleep” you within 3-8 seconds. The stronger the “squeeze”, probably the faster you go.

    And yes, the “Triangle” (or figure-four in CACC) is a strangle. “Choke” is just a generic term. It’s like Rice Milk, a water-based beverage, is still considered “milk”.

    I’m an American;)

  3. John Tabor at 12:44 am

    Just curious, Fred: Where did you see the word “estrangulamento”? I think you misread the title of the Brazilian magazine. It is “Nocaute,” which means “knockout” in English. Choke MMA is just the title given to the MMA supplement to GRACIEMAG; it’s not the translation of any existing magazine name.

    Anyhow, I don’t seem much difference between the definitions of the words “choke” and “strangle.” What would be the difference in meaning between the phrases “He choked someone to death” and “He strangled someone to death”?

    Just curious

  4. John Tabor at 1:52 pm

    I agree with you, Jordan, choke is generic, and thus can mean the same thing, but could also mean to choke on fumes or a chicken bone or whatever.

    Since “choke someone out” is a phrase so commonly used in the fight world and “strangle someone” isn’t, a fight magazine called STRANGLE would just be weird to me.

    Do British or Australian commentators use another term for it?

  5. maretha at 9:00 am

    Hi I really want to subscribe to the English version of Gracie mag for my husband but this seems impossible as I have clicked on every imaginable link, sent email messages and facebook messages but not getting any reply. Several links are also years out of date. Can you help?

    • Graciemag newsroom at 5:55 pm

      we no longer have a print edition in English. The closest we can offer nowadays is one of the courses available at ‘Mastering BJJ’ is a course with a beginning and an end, whereas ‘Renzo Gracie Online Academy’ is a subscription program.

      Hope your husband loves it.

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