CheckMat from Brasilia to China

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Chicão at one of his social-benefit projects in Brasília

After stopping through Brazil’s federal district, at the academies of professor Cesar Calouro and Maycom Araujo, who also run social-benefit projects in Brasilia, two of CheckMat’s masters get ready for seminars in China.

“Next Saturday Léo Vieira and I are heading to China. We will appear at Shanghai Expo (the largest expo in the world). We’ll put on a super presentation where we’ll join up with Professor Marcelo Andreoli, who teaches the gentle art at Alavanca BJJ Academy in China,” says Professor Chico Mendes.

After that they will conduct seminars at Shanghai BJJ Academy, with Chico, and at Kowloo BJJ Academy in Hong Kong, with Léo Vieira.

On the trip to Brasília, Chico was happy with the growth of the team and the social-benefit work done in those parts.

“I was impressed by the determination and tenacity of the folks there. We’re putting together a strong team over there,” he says in closing.

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