Jacaré, Feijão and Galvão: black belts comment on exciting night

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Galvão was one of the black belts in action. Photo: Esther Lin

Although Jiu-Jitsu didn’t prove to be the weapon most used this time, three of the style’s black belts stood out at this Saturday’s Strikeforce: Houston event in Texas. Two of them even won titles. Read and watch what they had to say:

Ronaldo Jacaré
Two-time absolute world champion and current ADCC superfight champion Jacaré proved his standup game is up to speed, taking a decision win over Tim Kennedy for the middleweight title.
“It’s so much joy for just one man. My son was born, lots going on in my head. Enzo Gabriel, your father loves you!” he said, then going on to comment on the fight:
“I sensed that he was too strong for me to take him down, so I resolved to fight standing. I wanted the knockout the whole time, but fortunately, I fought a really tough opponent. I hope it won’t be long before I put my belt on the line.”

Rafael Feijão
Although nine of his ten wins came by knockout, Feijão comes from a Jiu-Jitsu background and is a black belt. King Mo was the latest opponent to feel the wrath of the fists of Feijão, the new Strikeforce light heavyweight champion. “I’m doing so well, man! I made it to my dream. I learn with every fight and thank my partners and God in first place. I always try for the finish in my fights and all my outings will be like this,” he guarantees. “In the first round I hit him hard and could see he was in good shape. I realized I have my work cut out for me this time. King Mo is a monster, a complete fighter and I respect him,” says Feijão.

André Galvão
Also a Jiu-Jitsu world champion, Galvão was the one to most use the gentle art in Houston. He took Jorge Macaco down a number of times and fought well on top. But it was strikes that would bring about the demise of his opponent on all fours. The fight wasn’t for the welterweight belt, but Galvão is in line for it.
“I feel really well, and it’s really great when we win. Macaco is a really experienced fighter, so this was really important for me. I know I have more to improve on. I took a hard punch to the eye in the first round and saw three Macacos before me. It was important to get through that, but I hope it doesn’t happen again,” he says.

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