Lots of medals for Marra Senki

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GMA member Luis Sergio Corrêa is proud of his students.

The team is doing great at competitions in the state of Texas.

Medalists at TSBJJC

In June, at the Texas BJJ State Championships, Marra Senki athletes finished the event with 12 medals.

One month later, on July 31st, the Texas Grappling Showdown took place, and the team excelled again.

Marrinha (center) with his pupils at the Showdown

Congrats to Marrinha and his students.

For more info, go to marrajj.com

Here is a lsit of medalists at the Texas State Championship:


Russel Gribble – Gold (Ultra Heavy Gi)

Ronnie Sali – Gold (Medium Heavy Gi)

Bronze (Medium Hvy No Gi Intermediate)

Luis Hernandez – Silver (Medium Heavy)


Eric Hallier – Gold (Light No Gi Beginner)

Bronze Gi (Light Gi)


Jason Yerrington – Gold (Heavy Gi)

Gold (Heavy No Gi Advanced)

Alvaro Galarreta –  Silver (Feather Gi)


Christian Freyre – Bronze (Light Gi)

Bronze (Light No Gi Advanced)

Gustavo Carpio –  Gold (Light Gi)

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There are 14 comments for this article
  1. Mrs. Marra & BJJ Kids at 4:06 pm

    To the Marra Jiu-Jitsu Team: Good Job on all those Metals
    From: Abbigail A.K.A. ” Flora” your smallest BJJ Girl on the mat!

    To the Marra Jiu-Jitsu Team: Great Job, I hope to get some metals too!
    From: Pierce, 6yrs old Marra BJJ kid.

    To the Marra Jiu-Jitsu Team: YOU ROCK!!!!!!
    From: James A.K.A “Fortino” Starr

    To the Marra Jiu-Jitsu Team: I’m very proud that you went out & fopught & that you were not affraid win.
    From: Brodinho

  2. Renata at 12:36 pm

    Parabens para os atletas pelo seu desempenho ..nao e atoa que eu fico neste vai e volta entre Brasil, Abu Dhabi e EUA …venho aqui buscar o treino na Marra onde dei meus primeiros passos do Jiu Jitsu. Obrigada a Toda a Familia Marra pela temporada que passei com vcs. Parabens professor Marrinha …tudo isso ai e fruto do seu trabalho.

  3. Mrs. Marra & Kids at 5:03 pm

    TEAM MARRA…you make it look so easy, yet I know it is very hard to win these medals. Hey by the way, I’ve seen those medals at the .99cent store ( haha / J/K ).
    Hey those Black Belts are cool, how ’bout I have a try at one!!!!!!!!!!!!
    Aaron a.k.a “china” Hernandez

  4. Liam Hernandez at 11:16 pm

    Its Liam again and I cried when summer camp ended.Im in my gi and im sad becuse im twelve and there is not any more Summer Camp.

    P.S.S.WHY AM I STILL IN CAPS???????????????????????????

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