Exclusive: Anderson comments on battle with Sonnen

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Photo: Josh Hedges

Anderson Silva had one of the toughest and most complicated challenges of his career since making his UFC debut in June of 2006. In the fifth round of his fight at UFC 117 his only chance at hanging on to his middleweight title was to secure a knockout or submission hold. The latter panned out with an armbar from a triangle snugly fastened around challenger Chael Sonnen’s neck.

With his belt safe again and an undefeated record in the UFC (12w),on the day that followed his triumph – Father’s Day in Brazil – the champion could rest at ease.

“Things are normal, man. I packed my bags and I’m heading home to Los Angeles. I spoke with my kids yesterday and all is well, everyone is healthy and safe,” says the Spider, while checking his bags through before hopping his flight.

Check out the chat he had with GRACIEMAG.com.

Did you expect such a tough fight?

All fights are tough, aren’t they? A fight is a fight, what’s important is that I’m heading home in one piece.

Photo: Josh Hedges

Did you learn anything in particular from this war with Chael Sonnen?

I feel we learn in all our fights, in victory or defeat. We learn from everything, in every way, whatever the situation may be. What people sometimes forget is that Gad is above it all. I didn’t stop thinking of him for a moment, and he didn’t let me down. Of course, we have to train and all, but it’s really important to have faith. I remember having looked up between rounds and asked him to guide my movements and he enlightened me. It’s even hard to say something like that to a magazine like Gracie. A lot of folks will read it and think I’m playing to the media. But anyone who watched the fight could see all was lost and there were just two minutes to go. I felt a very strong presence from God there and that was important.

Sonnen was very arrogant in promoting the fight. After having submitted he tried to argue that he didn’t tap. What did you think of that?

Everyone saw that he tapped. But you can understand how he’d behave like that in the heat of the fight. I’ve made some mistakes and everyone does, nobody’s perfect. The important part was that we had a good showing and the crowd liked it. I feel it’s a fight that will make history, we’re both to be congratulated. Now each of us will go to his respective home to see the family and we’ll work on improving.

I told Minotauro I’d get the submission this fight” Anderson

Photo: Josh Hedges

Why did you decide to make your entrance sporting a Jiu-Jitsu gi this time?

I’m a Nogueira brothers black belt, and I’d give my life for them. I say that and I don’t need to patronize them nor them me. Rodrigo is my master and Rogério is a brother and teacher to me. If it weren’t for them, I wouldn’t be here today. I decided to put on the gi as a tribute to them and for the things I’d said. I told Rodrigo I’d get the submission this fight. I told him that. Everything worked out yet again.

You remarked after the fight that you fought with a hurt rib…

I’ve had this problem for some time. Some weeks before the fight, I hurt my rib training with Lyoto and some other guys. The pain got worse and I went to the doctor, who suggested I not fight because it could get worse. But that’s in the past. Now I have to recover and think about the next one.

When and against whom will the next one be?

Now all I’m thinking about is to get home and rest, go to the doctor and get treatment. After that we’ll see what’s to be done.

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  3. rosco at 10:59 am

    Dancing Silva got lucky. Chael IS the best in that division, and Silva will not want to fight him again I assure you. Lucky S.O.B………..

  4. Jordan Burton III at 6:19 pm

    Rosco, stop hating. I was glad to see Anderson Silva win; and, I believed he could still win while time was remaining.

    It WAS A VERY FITTING WAY FOR ANDERSON TO WIN … and for Chael to lose to a submission y8t again.

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