Star-studded “veteran’s day”

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It was a Saturday of excitement at the Tijuca Tennis CLub, where the International Master & Senior championship took place. But it was mainly a spectacle in technique from established masters who normally only display their moves to the students and closest friends.

Check out some of the champions and await complete coverage on the event.


Pena: Gabriel Willcox

Light featherweight: Felipe Costa (Brasa)

Lightweight: Frédson Alves (Gracie Humaitá)

Middleweight: Adriano Silva (Barbosa)

Medium heavyweight: Eduardo Telles (Nine Nine)

Heavyweight: Saulo Ribeiro (Gracie Humaitá)

Super heavyweight: Bruno Bastos


Senior 1 pesado: Roberto Gordo (Evolve/Gordo)

Senior 2 pena: Wellington Megaton (Gracie Humaitá)

Senior 2 médio: Alexandre “Gigi” Paiva (Alliance)

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