Minotauro talks UFC 119: “It’ll be like fighting twice on the same night

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Minotauro works on his grappling. Photo: publicity

Brothers Rodrigo Minotauro and Rogério Minotouro will see action on the same day (September 26) at UFC 119 in Indianapolis. Minotauro rematches Frank Mir, to whom he suffered the first knockout-loss of his life, at UFC 92. Minotauro enters the bout with a solid rematch history, having come back from setbacks to Dan Henderson and Josh Barnett, for example, to win. The fighter had the following chat with GRACIEMAG.com about his view of what’s to come:

What are your thoughts on having another shot at Frank?

I feel it’s a good fight for me. The last time I was unable to put on a good performance and this time I’ll be able to show up better. It’s a match I’ve been wanting the whole time, and it materialized.

Do you feel you’ll do better in the rematch?

I’ve lost a few fights in my career, but I was always given a rematch, and I always put in a better showing the second time around. I’ll try and do the same this time.

I’ll be ready for anything” Minotauro

Will you change strategies in this fight and try to use more Jiu-Jitsu?

It’s hard to foresee what will happen in a fight like this one, if just because Frank’s good at fighting both standing and on the ground. I’ll have to get a sense of what to do in the fight. If it ends up on the ground, I’ll like it; if it plays out standing, I’ll like it too. I’ll be ready for anything.

Minotauro and Frank Mir. Photo: Josh Hedges

How’s your training going?

I started training at my training center here in Brazil with André Galvão, Feijão and some other guys. I’ll head to Bahia to train with (Luis) Dórea and I’ll also head to the United States. Cigano’s going to help out, Anderson too, and Rogério is already with me.

What changes for you fighting on the same night as your brother?

It’ll be like back in the days of Pride, when we’d fight on the same day. It’s really exciting to be able to do all my training with my brother. The adrenaline rush is like having two fights on the same day. I got really excited when I found out we’d be fighting on the same day. I thought it was unlikely that would ever happen again, but the folks at the UFC saw how having two brothers, twins, fighting on the same night had a lot of appeal. We’re going there to do our best.

Minotauro trains with Maldonado

What do you expect in Rogério’s fight against Ryan Bader, a fighter you know really well?

I trained him for three months at the UFC house (The Ultimate Fighter) and he won it. I like the kid, he has a heavy hand, but I feel Rogério is more experienced and has better grappling and striking. As far as wrestling goes, he’s better, but Rogério is going through a really good phase and he wants a shot at the title.

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