Soca and Gordo add shine to International Masters and Seniors

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Soca moves to back mount at International Masters 2009. Photo: Carlos Ozório

The last time he spoke with, Alexandre Carneiro, better known as Soca, was still unsure whether he’d be participating in the International Masters and Seniors competition to start July 22 in Rio de Janeiro. Nothing like peer-pressure and the encouragement of reporters couldn’t handle.

“I’m just checking in to let you know I signed up for the International and, without a doubt, took part in influencing my decision through the interview it did with me on the championship,” says the teacher at Soca Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu in Long Island.

“I also made up my mind to go in because of the chance to spend some time with my daughter and family, as well as my friends. Gordo (Roberto Correa) called me up and confirmed he’s in it too. I also found out some more of my friends will be there, like Draculino and Soneca, who will be there on the day,” adds the fighter who represents Evolve-Gordo team.

Judging by Soca’s remarks, the International will once again be a big party, packed with stars from the old guard. What about you, reader? Which of the old school war horses would you like to see in action in the Tijuca Tennis Club?

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