Michael Langhi recovers from injury and responds to Ary Farias

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Langhi vs Augusto Tanquinho. Photo: Ivan Trindade

An athlete who’s won all the competitions he’s been in lately, Michael Langhi is now recovering from shoulder surgery he underwent two weeks ago. The fighter suffered from chronic pain made worse when he competed in sacrifice.

“I didn’t take proper care of the injury at the end of last year, it was a sacrifice to compete, and it ended up getting worse. That’s why I didn’t enter this year’s Brazilian Nationals. I chose to rest the joint and go into the Worlds at full blast, which ended up working out. My shoulder was in bad shape, dislocating,” he tells GRACIEMAG.com.

Langhi could end up sidelined for three to four months. But, it it’s up to him, the process won’t take so long.

“I’m already in physiotherapy, just getting started, with my shoulder immobilized. Two weeks from now I’m going to start physical training on the treadmill and strength work. My doctor said the operation was a success and I’m recovering well, which could speed up my return.

Langhi against Gilbert Durinho. Photo: Alicia Anthony

Unable to train, Langhi joins the cheering section for his teammates at Alliance, who will see action at the Rio Open and International Masters and Seniors championships about to take place in Rio de Janeiro. The fighter took the opportunity of GRACIEMAG.com having made contact to fire back at Atos’s Ary Farias for some statements he made. In a recent GRACIEMAG.com interview, Ary said he’ll never lose to Michel, Langhi’s younger brother, who beat him at the Worlds.

“’Never’ is not something you should say. Perhaps Ary has to learn that the worst way possible. Everyone saw the match, which was dubious. Indeed, most everyone felt my brother won. And Michel fought this champion without having trained hard. He stayed back in São Carlos with a group that was mostly white and blue belts. But that was even good, because he saw how important it is to prepare properly and now he’s going to live with me in São Paulo,” he says.

“I’ve never disrespected any of my opponents, like telling the cheering section to shut up or make noise at the opponent’s expense. It’s that type of thing that keeps Jiu-Jitsu out of the Olympics. Like I said, it’s tricky business saying you’ll never lose to someone, especially such a young fighter. Everyone meets when they get to black belt: there’s nowhere to run,” he says in closing.

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