Resurrection: “The Lesnar of today would annihilate the one from a year ago”

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Lesnar stares down Carwin at weigh-ins. Photo: Josh Hedges

Presently Brock Lesnar is the most dreaded heavyweight in the UFC. However, the giant fighter, who cuts weight to make the UFC heavyweight weight limit, nearly had his career interrupted. A case of diverticulitis landed Lesnar in the hospital and the question of whether he would ever return to the octagon lingered.

“Anything can happen at any time and I try to make the most of each day. This setback was an obstacle in my life and I think God felt I had to overcome it to test myself and prove what I really wanted in life. There are challenges put in front of you in life for certain reasons, and this was one of those moments.”

I believe I’m the best in the world” Brock Lesnar

This Saturday evening in Las Vegas Lesnar will define who the true champion of the UFC is against Shane Carwin, a dangerous adversary. His preparations for this next challenge are complete.

“It’s been like this since January 5. We threw a bit of fuel on the fire, we got the engine moving little by little and, with each week, the locomotive picked up more steam and power. It all came together, and I’ve said it before: The Brock Lesnar of today would annihilate the Brock Lesnar of one year ago. I had to have a huge setback. We started from scratch in January; I really built up my strength and I managed to improve on a lot of different things. I brought in different training partners and had a different angle from some trainers. We took a lump of clay and said: ‘let’s mold it again,’ he told the UFC website.

“Hard work builds up confidence. It’s knowing and believing you’re the best in the world, and I believe it,” he adds.

On Carwin and the other UFC heavyweights, his answer is straightforward:

“I don’t pay attention. I don’t get the pay-per-views; I don’t get on the internet. I live and breathe fighting, but it’s all about me. I don’t care who is who in the Ultimate Fighting Championship,” he says in finishing.

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