The world muay thai champion’s Jiu-Jitsu

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Cosmo (in blue) trains with another muay thai ace, Diego Sebastião. Photo: Carlos Ozório

WPMF muay thai world champion, WMC intercontinental champion, It’s Show Time champion and King Cup – Thailand’s main event – champion Cosmo Alexandre isn’t just the best striker in Brazil at present, but is one of the most respected on the planet. The fighter hopes to make his MMA debut soon and, thus, dove into Jiu-Jitsu training with Coach Marcelo Nigue at Gracie Memorial Arena Santos in São Paulo. had the following chat with the figher:

How are your preparations for your MMA debut going?

I’m training hard with Marcelo Nigue, working hard on my ground game. At first I’d only train countering on the ground, for the ref to bring the fight back to the feet. But, as I don’t like doing anything halfway, I told Nigue that I wanted to train in the gi to surprise some people. I want to get the submission and sweep. I train a lot in the gi and I’m ready. I’m just waiting to make my debut.

Blue belt Cosmo goes for some sweeps. Photo: Carlos Ozório

But did you  have prior Jiu-Jitsu experience?

I did some training a while back, but I was kind of just playing around. Now I’m serious about it. I didn’t think I’d enjoy it so much because strikers have a prejudice against Jiu-Jitsu. But I’m surprised how I’ve taken to it and, as I just fought muay thai two weeks ago, now I’m training more on the ground than standing. Now I’m training Jiu-Jitsu and will never stop.

You lived in Thailand in the past. What was that experience like?

I knew I had to do something about my career because it’s hard to make a living in muay thai in Brazil. So I wanted to go to where the cream of the crop in the sport is, where the best muay thai in the world is. I spent a year in Thailand I I’m always going back. There’s no better place and every muay thai fighter should go not just to fight, but because that’s where the sport’s culture is.

What was it like participating in the muay thai reality show that was so successful in Europe?

It was great. There was already a good-sized market in Asia, but doors needed to be opened in Europe. I made it to the final and ended up losing on points, but Europe was where it all started for me.

In muay thai action. Photo: Carlos Ozório

Why don’t they call you up for K-1? Do you expect them to invite you?

These days it’s better for me to fight at It’s Show Time than to be in K-1. First, because I can fight in my weight group, which doesn’t exist in K-1. They have either the under 70kg division or the heavyweight division. There’s also a lot of bureaucracy in K-1 and they take a long time paying the fighters’ purses. Furthermore, these days in Europe It’s Show Time is much bigger than K-1. I can fight in other organizations because the contract isn’t exclusive, even though I’m the current under 77kg champion. The event is held in high regard in Europe and I’m happy there.

Want to see the beast in action? Check out Cosmo’s highlight reel:

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