Demente’s training: “Galvão puts on the gi, but Jacaré craves it”

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Ricardo Demente in photo by Ivan Trindade

Ricardo Abreu, otherwise known as Demente, was seen as one of the obstacles in Roger Gracie’s way at the last World Championship. The match didn’t go down in the absolute because the fighter kept out of the division, but it did materialize as the super heavyweight decider.

Demente was the only one not submitted by the Gracie, losing the match by a score of 13 to 2. For next year, when he should make his MMA debut, the black belt relies on the help of some stalwart fighters in attaining his objectives: Ronaldo Jacaré and André Galvão.

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What is your assessment of you performance at the Worlds?

This time I went in much better than I was last year. I was well prepared both physically and mentally. I couldn’t get in much gi competition because of some problems I had in training. I ended up not training that much in the gi, but even so I was much calmer in competition than last year.

Against Roger, he held out to the end. Photo: Ivan Trindade

You took the lead at the start against Roger, but he rallied back. What happened?

I felt I had room to work in my match with Roger. I was confident, but my grip wore out a lot and he is a really tight and technical opponent. The slightest thing is an opening for him to gain ground and advance. Then you have to exert more strength and expend more energy. I wore out. Roger is a really calm guy and that makes a difference. He put on a show, but I didn’t give in, and I fought to the end. I was stunned that I made it to the end and now all I have to do is train even more.

Is it true that Jacaré puts on the gi and goes at it with you?

Jacaré and André Galvão. They put on the gi and train with me all the time – reconciling it with their MMA training, of course. Jacaré likes training in the gi a lot and is always available. André likes training in the gi, but Jacaré is obsessed with it. He craves the gi.

Setting up the choke. Photo: Carlos Ozorio

What do they teach you?

There’s an energy and technical level here that I didn’t have before. Jacaré is a really great athlete and I evolved a lot with his MMA experience. Out training sessions go off. André Galvão is gloriously technical too; he knows a ton of positions. I have to make the most of that and I’m enthused because there’s so much for me to grow with.

Soon I’ll make my MMA debut” Ricardo Demente

Will we see you in action again this year?

I want to compete in some tournaments this year and make my transition to MMA. By year’s end or early next year I’ll make my MMA debut. I can tell the level of the gang here is way up there; there’s still so much I have to learn. But I hope to be ready for my debut shortly.

How is your training going?

I have no injuries. Early this year I had a bunk knee and couldn’t run or do much. My training at XGYM is geared towards Jiu-Jitsu and I aim to improve a lot.

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